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With closed loop production system, KAPI’s expertise is to produce food grade soybeans fully traceable to growers. It enables consumer to identify entire process from production, processing and distribution.

Do you like Grandma’s soybean?

When your grandma raise fruits in back yard, would you wonder who grows this fruit? Of course, not. KAPI’s soybean is grown like grandma’s soybean. Every singled bag can be traced back to each grower.
Regular IP control system requires to segregate just by soybean variety in the process of receiving, processing, bagging and shipment. Rather, KAPI’s traceability system to assure full trace to each grower starting from each single paper bag of shipment. Each single paper bag can identify grower name who supply soybeans contained in each. That is our full traceability system.

Unique quality control for grower Lot

Unique quality control for grower Lot