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In US Midwest, no other soybean exporting company does not own in-house seed breeding program. To pursue access to high quality soybean variety and the needs of market, KAPI develops soybean variety with in-house breeding program.

Only one seed breeding program in USA owned by Japanese company

As only one Japanese own seed breeding program in US, direct feedback from soybean users like Japan is key factors to improve seed breeding program.

Our seed breeding program

In-House breeding program = KAPI’s history

KAPI’s seed breeding program released quality food grade soybeans by incorporating direct feedback from actual soybean users. KAPI’s direct communication channel is key part of such success. For future, based on our knowledge acquired over years, KAPI will develop seed with better quality.

In-House breeding program = KAPI’s history

Significance of seed development

Any research and development is never-ending journey, why do we need new seed development as well?

KAPI always pursues new seed development without being contented with current seed line-up. The seed with best characteristics for food manufacturing needs to equip good agronomic ability as well. Our continuous effort for seed development program is indispensable to maintain market strength for both growers and customers.