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This is step by step process of soybean journey from filed to table.

Basics of soybeans

Seed of soybean

Seed of soybean

Soybean we usually eat is the seed of soybean plant for next generation. Edamame is also green soybean before maturity. All of grain like rice, wheat and corn is the seed of each plants.

Majority of soybean varieties are genetically modified.

GMO is the soybean variety genetically modified with herbicide resistant capability, to protect plants from disease and insect. Almost 90% of soybean production all over the world is GMO. Recently, Non-GMO soybeans is seeing more demand from market other than Japan, as symptom of increasing popular food safety interest. IP traceability control is key component of Non-GMO soybean production. Growers effort for traceability control Non-GMO soybean supply.

Where is KAPI soybeans growing region?

Ohio, best growing condition for Non-GMO soybean

In the region with spacious field like Plain, GMO soybean production is more welcomed by growers. In contrary, soybean field in Ohio is much smaller than other area. Such small and separated field is better fit to Non-GMO soybeans acreage requiring segregation of variety. Ohio growers has good interest on Non-GMO soybean production because of more population of Non-GMO growers.

Ohio, best growing condition for Non-GMO soybean

Yearly soybean production schedule

Yearly soybean production schedule

Harvest through import to Japan

  • Soybean HarvestSoybean Harvest
  • Incoming grower deliveryIncoming grower delivery
  • Storage in siloStorage in silo
  • ProcessingProcessing
  • BaggingBagging
  • Loading in containerLoading in container
  • Lading on vesselLading on vessel

Delivery to Table

Soyfood product like Tofu processed by Japanese manufacturer will be delivered to table. It is the moment that grower’s effort assures customer’s food safety.

Delivery to Table