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Produce best quality food grade soybeans
for all over the world

KANEMATSU CORPORATION was established in 1889. We took over food-grade soybean business from Harmony Agricultural Products In Ohio, LLC, and established KG Agri Products, Inc.. So KANEMATSU started food-grade soybean “Seed Development”, “Contract Farming” and “Sales” in 2013.


contribute to the development
of food grade soybean industry

Following increased demand for Non-GMO soybean worldwide, with constant change on end-user’s quality requirement, KG Agri Products, Inc (KAPI) has been conducting business operation thanks to support by growers, distributers, end-users and consumers.Although seed breeding and quality assurance of good grade soybeans involves series of trial and error, it is always our great pleasure to deliver best quality soybeans. KAPI hopes our stable supply of good quality soybeans shall contribute to our customer’s business development with continuous improvement of food safety and quality program.We greatly appreciate your continuous support as guidance and instruction.
Products, Inc. CEO Hiroshi Uemura



Mission 1Guarantee food safety and food security
Deliver good quality food grade soybeans to domestic and overseas customers with assured with best IP control.
Mission 2Soybean quality improvement
Our mission is to satisfy our customers’ and growers’ needs with providing high quality food grade soybeans and competitive yielding soybean variety for production.


Company Name KG Agri Products, Inc.
Location 20100 JOHNSON RD Marysville, OH, 43040-9140 USA
Contact TEL:937-644-8215 FAX:937-644-8225
Business Seed development, contract cultivation, sorting, sales business of food raw material soybean

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KAPI’s three real principal

Own grain production is always more reliable than purchase from others supplier.

Own grain production is always more reliable than purchase from others supplier.

No blind trust is acceptable,
Seeing is believing.

KAPI’s policy is true food safety is assured with own production program directly contracted with growers.